Chad A Fallout 76 Story Podcast - Episode 8 Season 1

AIR DATE: 10.31.19

Runtime: 50:57


The Final Halloween

Halloween arrives in Appalachia! In this tale, we flashback to a few weeks before Reclamation Day, as Simon, Jake, Amata, Chad, Moose and Patsy mutually gather to celebrate the very last Halloween in Vault 76. But in between Chad's questionable costume and Jake's Halloween party, a 20 year old tragedy is whispered about. What happened on Level 13 to take the lives of 89 people on Halloween? The gang descends for one last fright as they celebrate, "The Final Halloween".


Alexander Luthor ~ Chad Johnson
Kenneth Vigue ~ Simon Rex
Paul M Watson ~ Jake
Taylor Jinx Knight ~ Amata
Clint Winberry ~ Moose Miller
Jessica Marie Dickey ~ Patsy Parker
Jessica Duval ~ Becky Wilson
Cody Hightower ~ Hugo Warren
Christian Mower ~ Boswell (Mr. Handy)
Kevin Chanard ~ The Old Man
Lucy Middlethon ~ Old Mrs. Simpson
Mary Kalopodes-Saunders ~ Overseer
Joseph Picard ~ Chief of Security Albert Vince