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In December of 2018, after imbibing many alcoholic beverages and hanging with some virtual friends in Fallout 76, we reminisced about our childhood years while exploring the interior of the high school in Grafton. I recalled the typical high school jock and all around bully named Chad and soon we all realized we ALL had known a Chad.

With a background in writing, I began to wonder what would happen if you were trapped in a place all your life with a Chad. Then, when the door opens and you are tasked with rebuilding civilization...that person follows you. I began penning some funny journal entries of an optimistic anti-hero named Simon and his ongoing adventures trying to escape from Chad and shared them in Facebook Fallout 76 groups. They quickly became popular and people started asking for a podcast.

Since then, over 300,000 people have tuned in and shared in Simon's ridiculous adventures. From just 23 original stories has blossomed a full cast dark comedy audio drama.

As this is a labor of love, I would greatly appreciate you helping get the word out about this podcast.

I'll see you in the Wasteland,

Kenneth Vigue



I'm a
writer & Fallout fan with a passion for

vintage radio.

My name is Kenneth Vigue, author and narrator of this podcast. Growing up my grandmother would take me to the library in the town where I grew up every weekend. One fateful day, I ventured out of the children's room and headed up the massive Victorian staircase to the upstairs. I was awestruck by the 3 level open space, surrounded with balconies filled with books. In one cornered I wandered up to the very top level and found a dark and dusty corner room. It was filled floor to ceiling with records, which I had never seen before. I checked out "Lights Out: Murder Castle", a vintage radio horror. So began a lifelong love of the kind of audio wizardry that could be cooked up with sound long, long before television. It required an active imagination and it cultivated it in turn.

Podcasting today has given new life to this vintage auditory art form, with groundbreaking shows such as "The NoSleep Podcast", "Limetown" and "The Black Tapes" being modern versions of classic radio drama.

With this podcast, 3 of my great loves have come together into some kind of mutated concoction of sound. My hope is to see more Fallout fans getting creative, sharing their passion and building on this amazing universe.