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Jonello Flint,

My Favorite Podcast! Hilarious for fallout fans!

Everything I could say about this Podcast has already been said. It’s amazing. I eagerly await the next episode of this podcast more than I do any television show or movie. Chad is the podcast that broke open the fallout story podcast flood gates and I can’t thank Kenneth enough for that! 


Hilariously Entertaining

There is a genuinely astounding amount of talent on display here from the whole cast, and the creators’ love for this world shines through every line. If you like Fallout even a tiny bit, this is a must listen. Suzy ftw.


Wonderfully funny.

I love this podcast. It’s so funny. And the character are done extremely well. You really feel like you’re in the wasteland with them. Got me back into fallout 76 after quitting after day one. Keep up the awesome work y’all. You’re all amazing.



I cannot praise this show enough!!! To be fair, I love story podcasts and I love Fallout. I’m more than a bit biased. However, this is excellently voice acted with all the quirky fun humor of Fallout. You don’t need to have played the games or know the lore to enjoy it, but it definitely helps.



This story is fantastic and is a must listen to any Fallout fan. I look forward to new episodes.


Just found this podcast

Jeep up the great work!


10/10 Recommending to everyone

I can’t imagine how difficult it is to make each episode but the passion is present in every minute. This is truly a work of art and I’m loving it. Thank you to the whole cast and production crew for all your hard work, my workdays are flying by and I have all of you to thank. Cheers!



I’ve only gotten as far as the pilot and I’m laughing my ass off! I can’t wait to get into the rest of the stories!


I love when comedy meets a good story

This podcast is so good! It draws you in with its amazing storytelling, and has you in stitches because of the subtle and dry, yet in your face humor!


Love it

Very entertaining, Love almost everything about it, but that dang bears song...


My favorite podcast

I often play fallout 76 listening to the same Appalachian radio on loop, but I have listened to all the episodes to date 3 times! Great writing and such likable characters and characters you love to hate. Thank you Kenneth Vigue for the wonderful entertainment. A big fan. Jason Dailey.

big nilla,

If you are a Fallout 76 fan then this is an amazing podcast

Hilarious and amazing!!!


F%#@ CHAD 🤣

A great listen for a Fallout Fallout fan



Super great quality! Highly encouraged to give a listen to! Kenny and his team have done an amazing job!

Neunomer Nomenclature,

Love Fallout? Check this story out!

Ken has built an amazing story here. What started as a seemingly simple story focusing mainly on a few characters has grown into a sprawling narrative with an interesting cast of characters. If you like Fallout, Fallout 76, or even just radio plays in general, do yourself a favor and listen to this show from episode 1. I listen to this show while I play Fallout 76 and it has enhanced my enjoyment of the game. But even if you're not into 76, make sure to listen. Ken's writing and the talented cast of voice actors bring so much humor and a surprising amount of heart and touching moments. I'm not the only one, but this show has influenced my personal headcanon for Fallout 76. I can't wait to hear what Ken has in store for us in the future. Again, this is a must-listen!


A riveting saga of Post-Apocalyptic survival

Hello, I just started listening to this podcast, but I’ve been playing that game for a while now (level 121). I love how we’re seeing the game world through the character’s perspective with all the old radio jingles interspersed. If you’re ever playing 76 on XB1 and need a nice, pleasant Texas merchant/vendor, come on by between Helvetia and Horizon’s Rest, and I’ll be happy to spin a yarn, sell discount goods, and go on adventures! Great job on your show! It’s inspirational for me and my own podcast endeavors.


Got Me Back in the Game

I've been listening/creating ttrpg podcasts for the last 1.5 years. So I eventually went looking for a Fallout one. This is not that. This is FAR BETTER. This audio drama set in the Fallout 76 world has delighted me so much I got back in the game. Don't quite know what I'm doing anymore, kinda just randomly walking slowly bc I don't know how not to hoard in these games, but having this podcast in my head while at work has me wanting to run out and log on myself. STELLAR sound production, MARVELOUS cast of characters. A MUST LISTEN FOR FALLOUT FANS.


True masterpiece

There’s no other way to put this. Kenneth Vigue and his amazing staff bring to life the world of fallout, Appalachia, and always has you on the edge of your earbuds waiting, thinking, wondering, and begging for more. I highly without a doubt suggest this podcast to anyone new or veteran to the fallout universe to listen to this, I suggest this podcast to every new player I meet in the wasteland. From the new to the seasoned listener Mr. Vigue we thank you for this true masterpiece and can’t wait to see what happens next.


Top Notch

Honestly, these guys/gals are taking our community to the next level. Keep up the great work.


So good it deserves a second play through!

I am now on the second play through of this story so far. I am HOOKED! I can’t wait to see what happens next year to continue out the season. All of the voice acting, the storyline, the drama and comedy is so so so good. Addicted to this as if I were addicted to chems in the wasteland! Thank you for giving this to the masses. Definitely worth a listen to all story lovers fallout fans or not.


Only a wastlander can truly appreciate.

The subtle jabs here and there at the stuff that just doesn’t make sense is great. You really have to be a fallout player to truly understand lol. I truly Enjoy this podcast. Keep them coming my friend.

Eric Gold,

So much fun!

This is a great ongoing story set in the Fallout 76 world that has such amazing and detailed characters. Once you start their story, you'll be hooked. Great job Ken and everyone else involved! Eric aka Suliore.

Daniel W Bailey,

Love this podcast

The characters are great. You definitely feel attachments to some of them. #fsimon #vault69 & #brofit forever!


Much love

Love this podcast and love all the inside jokes that come with grinding the wasteland ❤️


Truly enjoyable

This show is great, keep up the good work!


Fallout + Uncontrollable laugher = CHAD

When I first started listening to this, I literally stopped, paused and started over like 3 times to make sure I was really hearing what I was hearing. This show is HILLARIOUS. I haven’t smiled this much in a long time. If you like Fallout, and had a slightly twisted since of humor, PLEASE check this out. Such a good time. If you play Fallout 76, it is a must hear. So many laughs. Thank you so much. My long drives to work are no longer an issue with you and the other shows on the network. R0b0ts sent me.


Great show!

I love the Fallout universe. Those definitely brings out the goofy humor of the series! Don’t really care about Fallout 76 but this makes me wish I enjoyed the game! Listen if you want laugh and if you had a jerk like Chad in your life! (Which you do.)


You swearing please bleep your swears



I can't support cannibals...

That's why I support Chad. Simon eats people. Would you like an upstanding gentleman like CHAD or be a dinner snack for an unsure wimp. But seriously one of the most creative narratives driven from a video game. If you like radio plays or fallout, you'll LOVE this.


You won’t be disappointed!!

This podcast is amazing and I will tell you why.... The writing is amazing and funny! Not only does it stick to the lore but makes the lore and glitches in Fallout 76 hysterical! The voice actors are great and they keep me laughing the whole time. If you are a fan of Fallout you will love this podcast!!


You swearing please bleep your swears



I can't support cannibals...

That's why I support Chad. Simon eats people. Would you like an upstanding gentleman like CHAD or be a dinner snack for an unsure wimp. But seriously one of the most creative narratives driven from a video game. If you like radio plays or fallout, you'll LOVE this.


You won’t be disappointed!!

This podcast is amazing and I will tell you why.... The writing is amazing and funny! Not only does it stick to the lore but makes the lore and glitches in Fallout 76 hysterical! The voice actors are great and they keep me laughing the whole time. If you are a fan of Fallout you will love this podcast!!

Great Show !!

Bravo sir !! You make it fun and spot on even with the little things !! I want a lot more

Ro rR,

Chad: A Fallout 76 Story review

You’ll arrive, not knowing where you are or where you’re going but it all comes clear quickly! Choices are made and people become who they become. Sometimes quirky, but also so very interesting and entertaining. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the enthralling adventure. And look forward to spending more time with the characters in Chad: ‘A Fallout 76 Story’.


Absolutely amazing

There isn’t enough words to say on how amazing this audio drama is. Paired with the R0B0Ts radio network it can only get better


Really good cast

Veryyy entertaining, love seeing unique pods with great voices behind them, tune in people!


A lot of fun

This podcast is a great idea and a lot of fun. I love the radio drama concept, and the execution is spot on. I very much look forward to the next episode.


Great podcast!

If you love Fallout you will love this podcast. The humor is very similar and each episode continues to get better and better. What are you waiting for? Go listen!


Love this podcast!!

This podcast is so fun!! If you love all things Fallout, then this podcast is for you! I initially just read the stories that were posted on Facebook, but I loved reading them so much I got sucked in and wanted more. So I started listening. Can’t wait for more to come. Great job!!


I love this podcast.

If you have ever played 76, this is the podcast for you. And screw that guy Chad.


It’s fun!!

Great podcast! I found myself hanging on the story. When i ran out of episodes I was bummed. It makes fun of the game and its little flaws. I can’t wait for the next episode


A Must Listen

If you are a fan of Fallout or a fan of the good old serial radio programs back in the day like X-minus 1 or lights out, then this is for you. It was great already and now they are adding a cast. Can’t wait for more. Keep up the stellar work everyone.



All I have to say, is when can I voice a character!!!???


The FalloutFive0 Top 10 most wanted

Chad is a “complete wasteland D&@$ HEAD” and wanted by the FalloutFive0 for his crimes against decency. In all seriousness this series of stories has expanded the Fallout universe lore in ways that are unexpected, and down right hilarious!

Initial Fan,

Best Fallout 76 Podcast!

Will Simon ever escape Chad’s clutches?

Stay tuned for the funniest Fallout 76 podcast ever!



An amazing story so far. It leaves you wanting to know more about Simon and how he’s doing in the unforgiving wasteland. Greatly looking forward to more content!


We All Know a Chad

If you like radio drama, or have never even heard one - I suggest you start here. This podcast is put together wonderfully. The editing is spot on, great atmosphere, great narration, just overall awesome. It tells a story from a different perspective. He mentions this is the first audio production he has ever done and idk if I’d believe that because the end result is way too good for a first project. A++ job Ken!


It’s all over, but the laughing

Being a fellow vault dweller, I find a lot of the jokes good and occasional sympathy for Simon. It’s also pretty good telling the elements of Fallout 76 being a multiplayer game through the characters eyes.


F*** Chad

This is pure gold. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to each and every episode. I have had laughs and I truly feel sorry for Simon at times.I cannot wait to see what future episodes have in store.


Great show!

I love listening to this. Well written and funny.



A true spark of genius! As a huge fan of the Fallout series, this podcast pays tribute to several thoughts myself and other players have had while playing. It’s storyline is hilarious and well made, while giving you the since of being freshly emerged from vault 76 ready to retake the wastelands of West Virginia.


Chad... the podcast you’ve been looking for!

Hilarious, podcast! If, you’re a fan of Fallout 76 or the Fallout franchise in general.... this is a must listen. If, I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. Bravo, sir! Look forward to each installment, and I hope Simon eventually gets that pie!!


Awesome Story!

Humor, drama, great storytelling and high production. What else could you ask for in a show?? Can’t wait to see where it goes!



I was pleasantly surprised by this very high quality radio show. Fallout fans will totally love this.



I was blown away by the subpeb quality and immersiveness of this podcast. It was gripping from the start, and I'm so excited to be along for the ride. Top-notch production, and masterful storytelling.


A fun and interesting take on Fallout 76

Not really big into Fallout, but I found this to be interesting, hilarious, and have some cool lore!



Awesome podcast love it great for fans of fallout



I found this in one of my Fallout 76 groups on Facebook. I read the stories, and they made me literally laugh out loud. I love Fallout, so this to me is just a brilliant idea. I feel like this Podcast as a lot of potential. From reading to listening I'm a fan already! Nice work Kenny!



Great job! Glad to see it finally made it it iTunes :). Great little story tidbits! Keeps me entertained in the car commuting to and from work.