"We were lied to by Vault-Tec..."

This season: friendships will be tested, a bar will open, a doctor and genius from the old world will tell their secrets...and war will never change.


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It's recommended to listen to the episodes in order.

QuakeCon At Home

The Drive-In Variety Show

AIR DATE: 8.9.20

Runtime: 51:48

QuakeCon At Home

The Sickleman Was Here

AIR DATE: 8.11.20

Runtime: 27:03

Minisode #8

Simon's Lost Journals ~ Trapped in Helvetia!

AIR DATE: 9.14.20

Runtime: 22:10

S2 Episode 1

Halloween in October Country

AIR DATE: 10.31.20

Runtime: 2:26:02

S2 Episode 2

The Sickleman Is Here Part 1

AIR DATE: 1.1.21

Runtime: 1:29:43

S2 Episode 3

The Sickleman Is Here Part 2

AIR DATE: 1.31.21

Runtime: 1:14:33

S2 Episode 4

The Sickleman Is Here Part 3

AIR DATE: 3.14.21

Runtime: 59:29

Minisode #9

The DJ Dilemma

AIR DATE: 4.18.21

Runtime: 33:57

S2 Episode 5

The Sickleman Is Here Part 4

AIR DATE: 6.7.21

Runtime: 1:34:12