Chad A Fallout 76 Story Podcast - Episode 12 Season 1

AIR DATE: 6.3.20

Runtime: 1:20:25


Year 1: Crimes Against Appalachia

DIRECTOR'S CUT OF THE BETHESDA GAME DAYS SPECIAL! It's been one year since the Vault door opened and we emerged to reclaim Appalachia. In that year, both Simon and Chad committed horrifying acts of cannibalism, extortion, robbery, and murder. In this special live episode performed at Bethesda Game Days, the law finally catches up with them. The Five-0 New Responders throw them in jail pending trial. Secrets will be revealed, the Overseer breaks her silence...and we are introduced to The Judge. As always, this post-apocalyptic podcast contains some foul language, dark humor and depictions of well warranted violence. You have been warned. Proceed through the Vault Door at your own risk.


Alexander Luthor ~ Chad Johnson
Kenneth Vigue ~ Simon Rex
Jessica Duval ~ Susie/Ella
Paul M Watson ~ Jake White(VO)
Taylor Jinx Knight ~ Amata Hayes (VO)
Clint Winberry ~ Moose Miller
Christian Mower ~ Punch
Jessica Marie Dickey ~ Patsy Parker / Mary Ann Belts
Mark Hauswirth ~ Brian Williams
Mary Kalopodes-Saunders ~ Overseer
Joseph Picard ~ Chief of Security Albert Vince (VO)
Tom Blair ~ Dr. Charles Taylor
Kevin Chenard: Merchant / District Attorney Malcolm Fletcher
Ray Middelthon ~ Commander Connor Johns (VO)
Lucy Middelthon ~ Lt. Kori Anders (VO)
Brandon Ledford ~ Officer Isaac Hawkins
Robert Solomon ~ High Priest of the Reformed Orthodox Bulb Bringers and Part Time Public Defender
Cody Hightower ~ Jim / Hugo
Peter Anthony Buxton ~ Scoutmaster Stewart (VO)
Jorian Koeten ~ Insult Bot (VO)
Morgan Brown ~ Karen Maidenhead (VO)
GUEST: Pete Hines ~ “The Judge”