Chad A Fallout 76 Story Podcast - Episode 11 Season 1

AIR DATE: 5.30.20

Runtime: 1:43:28


A Post-Apocalyptic Christmas

Today is our 1 year anniversary! To celebrate both our anniversary and our return from our mid-season break, we pick up where we left off in this extra long episode. In it, Chad and his gang head out for a hunt they won't soon forget as Simon grapples with the Apocalyptic Aristocracy and the sinister Mr. Graul. To the far north in the ruins of Slick Willy's Water World, Simon will be battle for his survival and soul during a "Most Dangerous Game".


"Slick Willy's Theme", written by Jessica Dickey and performed by Mark Hauswirth

"The Hunger" by VFTA


Alexander Luthor ~ Chad Johnson
Kenneth Vigue ~ Simon Rex
Jessica Duval ~ Susie Davis, Ethel the Cannibal
Paul M Watson ~ Jake White, Crazy Fan #1
Taylor Jinx Knight ~ Amata Hayes, Myrtle the Cannibal
Clint Winberry ~ Moose Miller
Jessica Marie Dickey ~ Patsy Parker, Mary Ann Belts
Morgan Brown ~ Crazy Fan #2
Christian Mower ~ Punch, Mr. Handy, Fisto
Peter Anthony Buxton ~ Bishop (Bot)
Mark Hauswirth ~ Abraham, Brian, Announcer, Slick Willy
Logan Hauswirth ~ Child
Kris Graul ~ Mr. Graul
Robert Solomon ~ CannibalCorpse69
Kevin Chenard ~ Lord Poofy
Mary Kalopodes-Saunders ~ Lady Jane
Cody Hightower ~ Monotone Park Announcer