Chad A Fallout 76 Story Podcast - Minisode #7 Season 1

AIR DATE: 6.3.20

Runtime: 11:12


A Prologue to the "Trial of the Century"

This is Kenneth Vigue and this is my last message to you before we take to the stage this Saturday at 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time at Bethesda Game Days! The live episode will be streamed on Bethesda’s Mixer, Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live channels…so you have plenty of ways to tune in. The cast and I have worked these past two months to create something special and I think you’ll enjoy it. And now for a few more teases before that event. Our own Cody Hightower, the voice of YouTube’s Old World Radio’s Appalachia Radio channel created with the cast some teaser holotapes that are prequels to the events of the live episode. Enjoy them and I hope you’ll tune in. We passed 65,000 listens and subscribes a few weeks back, after we were mentioned by Fallout YouTuber Juicehead and had even more press mentions. I thank all of you for listening and if you can do just one thing for me, take a moment to drop a review on iTunes or Stitcher. It really helps me. And now to our prologue tales.