Chad A Fallout 76 Story Podcast - Episode 10 Season 1

AIR DATE: 12.23.19

Runtime: 1:00:17


A Post-Apocalyptic Christmas

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! It's been 25 years since the world ended.  No one who pushed the big red button that day thought he was real. Not one. Yet he endured. The Earth grew silent in the decades after the Great War and the personification of Christmas spirit waited for a light. Just one light in this dark world. The Apocalypse has not been kind to Father Christmas, but this season Santa is going to see a spark of life in Appalachia that will change him forever.
This special full cast production includes a special score from dark music composer Myuu. If you love his work like we do, check out his official website:


Mark Hauswirth ~ Santa
Cody Hightower ~ Narrator
Alexander Luthor ~ Chad Johnson
Kenneth Vigue ~ Simon Rex, Pissflaps Elf, Mothman
Jessica Duval ~ Susie Davis/Ella, Betsy
Paul M Watson ~ Jake
Taylor Jinx Knight ~ Amata
Clint Winberry ~ Moose Miller, Jingle Elf
Jessica Marie Dickey ~ Mary Ann Belts, Karen Maidenhead
Christian Mower ~ Mr. Handy, Santatron, Punch
Peter Anthony Buxton ~ Ghoul Dad, Jangle Elf
Robert Solomon ~ High Priest Solomon
Logan Hausworth ~ Ghoul Kid #1
Sophie Hausworth ~ Ghoul Kid #2
Jorian Koeten ~ Insult Bot
Mary Kalopodes-Saunders ~ Overseer
Joseph Picard ~ Chief of Security Albert Vince